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It all started 13 years ago when we decided to explore an intriguing hobby...beekeeping.  We've always had a garden full of vegetables and flowers (and sometimes chickens).  And spent many a weekend exploring the outdoors walking, hiking and backpacking.

Our love and respect for the environment continued to flourish as we raised our children and became invested in the future. But like so many of our friends, we became more and more concerned.

What kind of a world would our children be left with?  
Will our food supply run out as predicted? 

Who is looking after our environment if we aren’t?
And what about the declining numbers of honeybees?
What will that mean for all of us?

Mostly we began thinking, “What could we do?”

We started to imagine a world where bee hives flourished in home gardens as they did in our grandparent’s time. In those days bees were as much a part of a garden as the flowers and vegetables, and people knew their gardens and their tables depended on the honeybee.

Yet somewhere along the line the world began taking bees – and pollination - for granted.

With honeybees in decline for sometime, farmers now need to employ beekeepers to bring hives into their orchards and fields to ensure pollination.

Add to that the onset of Colony Collapse Disorder, the unexplained world-wide phenomenon where whole colonies have started to disappear, and we are faced with a situation of not only losing our bees, but losing the ability to pollinate our fruits and vegetables. The implications are unsettling.

For my husband and I, the beginnings of our company began to take shape. We had kept several thriving hives for years, giving away the precious raw honey and playing show and tell with friends and school classrooms.  Friends and friends of friends began asking us to install hives, to buy honey, to buy equipment, bees, etc... 

We soon realized we could make a difference. Our friends and neighbors had begun valuing beekeeping and they understood why we needed to repopulate bees into the environment. Others were phoning us daily asking questions and many wanted to install hives. Clearly, the time was right.  The Marin Bee Company was formed and is thriving!

We now give free seminars, install beehives in schools, nonprofit organizations, community gardens, in corporate settings, on rooftops and in orchards. We sell starter kits for people who want to own their own hive, we offer an Adopt-A-Hive program for those who want to support the cause and we maintain hives and hold benefits for deserving organizations.   

It has become a business that draws people together to do something worthwhile and enjoy it in the process!

So it’s up to us. We can change the world one bee at a time, simply by adding a hive to our own gardens, enjoying the benefits of pure, raw honey and supporting the lone honeybee.  We welcome you to join us.

Thank you and be well,

Deb and Bill Tomaszewski