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Our nonprofit educational program, Planet Bee Foundation, for schools and local communities is very unique.  We aim to help organizations embody a holistic approach to educating people by weaving together organizations, community, an interdisciplinary curriculum, social awareness, and environmental stewardship. We individually design a program to fit your needs and offer a variety of activities which can be mixed and matched. This list is only a sample of what we offer: 

Classroom/Group Presentations can include:
  • Observation hive to get a close up look at bees
  • Power Point presentation 
  • Beekeeping equipment for hands on fun
  • Honeycomb and wax to touch and feel 
  • Honey harvesting and jarring your own raw honey 
  • We will include a variety of educational material such as posters and hand outs for students 
Lessons for Children and Adults 
Our program director, Debra Tomaszewski, former teacher and professor, will work individually with your classroom or science teacher to help them incorporate beekeeping into their curriculum/lessons.  We have a wide variety of resources available

Apprentice Program
We train apprentices to care for bee hives through a shadow program, which teaches the apprentice all aspects of care for a one year cycle.  The tasks include installing bees, feeding and maintaining the hive, harvesting honey, checking the health of the hive and looking for disease.

Installing the Bee Hive
Bee hive installation can occur on a special day or as a special event or weekend might be a perfect time to offer a voluntary opportunity for parents, student, or community member to witness how a bee hive is set up.

Honey Harvest Workshop
Spinning honey usually occurs in September and can be part of a larger celebration, like a school wide fair, event to kick off the year, or fall harvest celebration. Honey can be jarred and sold as a fundraiser or given away to participants. Not only is keeping a hive a active way to help honeybees and environment, its a wonderful way to raise much needed funds for schools and nonprofits.  Talk about paying it forward!
Become Part of a
Citizen Research  Project

We are always on the look out to be involved with cutting edge research and opportunities for our partners to be “citizen scientists” and study the habits of honeybees, helping to solve the mysterious reasons behind their declining population.  Won’t you join us by participating in the following programs?

NASA Honey Bee Net Study: Aimed at understanding the timing of plant and animal life cycle events (phenology) using hive scale data.

The Great Sunflower Project: The Backyard Bee Count: The world’s largest citizen science project focused on pollinator conservation. 

Zombie Bee Watch Project: A citizen science project tracking the honeybee parasite Apocephalus borealis. 

Please contact us or call Debra Tomaszewski, Founder and Executive Director,
at 415-235-8959 for more information. 

We offer educational programs for schools and the community at low or no-cost.