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Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners

 2015 Free Community Workshops
Whole Foods Markets in Northern California
Please check back for Spring Dates

This free community educational workshop is for new backyard beekeepers or those who hope to become one.  It focuses on helping the beginner successfully maintain their hives .  We'll meet at select stores in Northern CA to provide the local community with education, awareness and stewardship as to support Whole Food's Share the Buzz Campaign. 

This program continues Whole Foods and Planet Bee Foundation's mission to create educational programs through environmental stewardship. Both are committed to demystifying beekeeping so that hobbyists can own and maintain their own beehives, while enjoying the tremendous satisfaction that comes from actively helping the environment and harvesting their own healthy raw honey.

Planet Bee Foundation aims to heighten awareness about the struggling honeybee, Colony Collapse Disorder and the declining bee population though community outreach. We also promote backyard beekeeping as a way to actively help the environment by repopulating the dwindling honeybee, a worldwide environmental crisis. For more information, please watch this informative video featuring Maria Spivak," Why Bees are Disappearing".  Or read Time Magazines Article" A World without Bees".

Please visit PLANETBEE.ORG for upcoming dates.